The Amazing Eye

One need not be a biology major to realize that the eye is amazing. Raptors in flight can see their prey with great accuracy. Cats are designed to use dim light. Humans and cats do not need the vision of eagles for our lifestyles. Raptors and humans do not need such extreme night vision.

Dysteleology is where people claim to find flaws in nature so they can say there is no Creator, only evolution. These tinhorns have never designed an eye from scratch. When C. Richard Dawkins makes the daffy claim that the human retina is "backwardly wired," he is showing his ignorance.

Cowboy Bob Sorensen's eye, modified at PhotoFunia
Claiming the eye is poorly designed is not a scientific conclusion, but a theological opinion! Frankly, (mind if I call you Frank?), that's stupid. They misrepresent certain aspects of the human eye, plus the specified complexity of the eye itself as well as the brain that interprets the input. Consider also that God the Son, the Creator who made eyes, healed the blind in his earthly ministry. Sure, why not?

Other articles on this subject can be extremely complex. This one has a few details, but it makes the point without getting overly technical.
The human eye is brilliantly complicated, made up of a superb, interconnected system of approximately 40 individual subsystems. These include the iris, pupil, retina, cornea, lens, and optic nerve. By simultaneously detecting contrast while also capturing faint details, the human eye exhibits superiority over the most sophisticated camera today. Its design has been maximized for life in our environment.

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