A View from the Bunker, the Reality Bomb, and Question Evolution Day

In the Doctor Who mythos, Davros wanted to destroy the universe with the Reality Bomb, a device that makes all matter go to pieces. Even if someone was that stupid and insane, Christians know that such a thing is impossible (Hebrews 1:3, Colossians 1:16-17). But let's borrow from the Reality Bomb concept, shall we?

Darwinistas (thanks to Chris Rosebrough for that word) cling to their faith in evolutionism despite the evidence, not because of it. If they were to seriously examine goo-to-you evolution, they would see that nothing is holding it together; Question Evolution Day could be the Reality Bomb for evolution!

What do "View from the Bunker", Dr. Who and Question Evolution Day have in common?

Question Evolution Day works in layers:
  • Standing together to affirm intellectual, religious, speech, academic and other basic human rights, that those of us who reject evolution should be able to state our views without censorship and reprisals
  • Sharing links, graphics and so forth showing that the evidence supports creation and not goo-to-you evolution
  • Biblical creationists explain that Genesis is the source of all major Christian doctrines
  • Some of us go further and point out that your worldview determines how you view the evidence, and that the fatally flawed worldviews of atheism and liberal Christianity cannot exist without evolution
I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Derek Gilbert's "View from the Bunker". This started because I learned about the show from Why?Outreach. What with me being a cowboy at heart and all, I thought, "Derek has some diverse topics and interesting guests. Maybe he'll think I have something worth saying". Guess he thought so. And he's an experienced radio professional with the kind of voice that's very pleasing to the ears.

This interview was not just an interview, but a discussion. And you might get a snicker at how my train of thought got hopelessly derailed a couple of times, and I had some verbalized pauses ("umm, ahh"). Anyway, you can download or play the podcast by clicking on "VFTB 224: Question Evolution Project". Addendum: We did not talk about Dr. Who, that was my own special thing for this introduction.