Snake Fossils Give Evolutionists Hissy Fits

Paleontologists were riding the Evolution Trail when suddenly, they were spooked by snake fossils. That's not usually a big deal, but these fossils were in the wrong place. Once again, an evolutionary timeline needs to be moved back to an earlier date. Of course, biblical creationists don't need to keep making adjustments when discoveries don't fit the big picture.

The evolution of snakes was already a disputed subject. Finding fossils of snakes that are no different than modern ones, but are much "older" than previous fossils, are rattling evolutionists.
"Quatre ├ętudes de serpents" by Gustave Moreau
The evolution of snakes has already been a debated topic, especially since there are no decent transitional forms in the fossil record. Now snake fossils are found, and they still do not help Darwinists because they are pretty much the same as modern living serpents.
It's an old story. An animal or plant is discovered in sedimentary rocks by paleontologists and it pushes the organism's origin further back by many millions of years—but it's always a plant or animal already known to science. Granted, some of these fossilized creatures are extinct, but that's no indication they evolved.

This time snakes are the subject of a recent, unexpected discovery that supposedly pushes their first appearance back an additional 65 million years. Evolutionists were shocked at the discovery of four snake fossils, the oldest (Eophis underwoodi) dating back to "167 million years" by evolutionary dating. Prior to these discoveries the oldest snake fossil was a mere "102 million years old."
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