New Theory Suggests No Big Bang

The Big Bang has little resemblance to the original concept of yesteryear. It would be adjusted when scientists discovered problems with it and to hopefully fit in new supporting data. Although there are people who insist that it's a fact (and some think it negates the Creator), the Big Bang is full of speculations, conjectures, suggestions of things that should exist but cannot be found, and more. Actual science took yesterday's noon stagecoach out of this fantasy land. Many people reject it on scientific as well as theological reasons.

The Big Bang has been adjusted for decades until has little resemblance to the original. Now a new theory is presented that uses quantum mechanics and relativity, eliminating the Big Bang altogether.
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A new theory is puzzling. It draws from relativity and quantum mechanics, postulating that there was no singularity, no Big Bang. That would rule out the Big Bang's predecessor, the Oscillating Universe, since bang-expand-contract-crunch-repeat would not be possible. Imagine the gravity of the situation. Will this new theory become the new sheriff in town and gain wide acceptance? Unlikely, as the linked article below suggests.

There are some Christians who have compromised sound theology with current science trends. They are cautioned that if they base their faith on "science" instead of trusting God's written Word, where will they be when a theory or discovery is overturned? Trust God, not the every-changing speculations of man-made science beliefs.
A recently published cosmology incorporates an alternate geometry and attempts to include quantum mechanical effects. The authors of the model suggest that they have answered several problems of modern cosmology, such as the identity of dark matter and dark energy (or alternately, the cosmological constant). An interesting feature of this model is that it rules out a big bang singularity origin of the universe. It is not clear exactly what the authors of the model mean by this; however, it does not appear that this model is compatible with biblical creation.
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