Imaging and Ancient Civilizations

Aren't science and technology wonderful? They are useful applications of observational science (where your view of origins is, or should be, irrelevant to doing the science). The remains of two formerly unknown ancient civilizations have been discovered through satellite imaging and the use of drones equipped with radar and infrared. Naturally, archaeologists are quite excited.

Two formerly unknown ancient civilizations give lie to the evolutionary idea that ancient humans were stupid and brutish. The true history of ancient humans is found in the Bible, not evolution books.
An excavation of a Roman / Phonecian site in Malta. Image credit: / bearcatroc
Darwin's disciples preach that early humans were stupid brutes, what with being freshly evolved out of the jungle and all that. However, there are frequent discoveries that give lie to that idea, and show how early people were actually quite intelligent. The true history about early humanity is not found in evolution books, but in the Bible. You can read about the two amazing discoveries by clicking on "Lost Civilizations: Human History Hidden in Plain Sight".