Placing Blame — Anti-Creationist "Morality" and "Logic" in Action

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Have you noticed that molecules-to-man implies improvement? I've never read or heard something like, "Wow, that critter had some bad evolving along the way!" Everything seems to be "good".

Darwinistas have their starting point that evolution is true in all things. I keep posting research where good science is ruined by attempts to find how something evolved, or the presuppositions that evolution is the cause of everything, not just biological evolution. One of the many things these people insist on is that morality itself has evolved.

But there is no improvement in morality. Things are going from bad to worse, and what was considered bad before is now applauded as good. But anti-creationist and anti-Christian bigotry are on the increase. Christian values are not tolerated by people who claim to be tolerant, and hypocrites who say they oppose bullying will engage the in cyber-bullying and stalking of creationists.

Subjective morality and double standards.
Morality never evolved in the first place. People who believe that are deceived, and think that they are "good without God", then plainly demonstrate otherwise. They will misrepresent and even lie outright about Ken Ham, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, Eric Hovind, me, and many others who are famous and not-so-famous. They believe they are doing something good by promoting evolutionism and attacking creationism.

The Question Evolution Project on Facebook had another faker attack (I discussed earlier ones here) from the same sidewinder. As I keep saying, people who accept friend request from obviously new and blatantly fake names are asking for trouble, including identity theft. Think about it. The atheopath lies to people and says that our Page is his. Then he boasts and justifies his "morality": "That just comes with you being so weak that you yourself recognize your position can't even stand up to scrutiny on the internet from some random guy". Yeah, "some random guy" is a criminal and serial impersonator. Note the straw man stuff, too. Later, he said, "And you're overlooking the fact that this started with me being censored, not me making these profiles. And this isn't illegal, by the way, since this isn't a real name." Red herring, since he's not breaking a law with that fake name, but he's a serial Facebook Terms of Service violator — this is one of those times. It's very Lowe.

Note that this is justified in his own putrefying mind because he was "censored". People like this hide behind "free speech" when they want to turn every corner of teh interwebs into their own urinal, and sometimes censorship is necessary — there is no such thing as totally free speech in society. Besides, the guy has his own Pages and groups in which to rant and rave. Some of us reckon that they're doing this because they've lost the debate and science is not on their side, but they are desperate to bolster their false worldview.

Ironically, this guy and the owner of a poor imitation Page that was created out of a desire for revenge never bothered to read the "About" section of The Question Evolution Project's Page — it's not a debate Page, and not a place for narcissistic atheo-fascists to promote their own propaganda.

But it's my fault, right?

This goes back a long ways, back to the Garden. The serpent deceived Eve, and she ate of the forbidden fruit, then Adam joined in. When God asked what they had done, Adam blamed God, "The woman that you gave me" (Gen 3:12). Eve blamed the serpent (Gen. 3:13). Where I come from, people are responsible for their own choices.

Doing evil is seen as doing good, and attacking God's people is considered a righteous crusade by the lost. However, God does see all of these things. We are promised persecution (2 Tim. 2:12, Matt. 5:11-12), but we are to remain faithful (3 John 1:3, Heb. 6:12). Don't worry, old son. They'll get what's coming to them. Until then, their "morality" is getting worse (Rom. 1:22).