Evolution Propaganda, SETI, and Closed Minds

Evolutionists are increasing their propaganda to condition children to accept evolution. They are also divided about whether or not SETI will have safe results. Then there are the intolerant who want to shut out creation.
Like any totalitarian worth his salt knows, target the young with propaganda. Current evolutionist trends include having children write rap songs about the origin of life (we told you that the OOL is not separate from evolution, the American Association for the Advancement of Science approves of the children's lyrics). They are also using comic books and zombies. Well, sure, use something trendy to lasso a child's interest. When Christians tell their children that God is the Creator and life has meaning, atheopaths call that child abuse. But when Darwinistas promote their "you're a product of mindless evolution and life has no meaning" view, that's "science". Sure, makes perfect sense to some people, for some odd reason.

There are some concerns about SETI making contact with alien intelligence because they may not be such nice fellas to ride the trail with (as I discussed here). "Don't worry, by the time they get the signals, figure them out, then pay us a visit, we'll be long gone." Seems contradictory to me, why bother? Others urge contact efforts to go full steam ahead.

Insistence that evolution is true is common. So is attempting to get people to compromise their beliefs with evolutionism. Of course, secularists are unwilling to consider that there is a God, who gave revelation of himself in the Bible, and he makes the rules. They'd rather tell us to forget it.

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