Eel Biting and Evolution

Observational science on how various eels eat their food is corrupted by evolutionary just-so stories without evidence.

Once again, observational science is corrupted by evolutionary conjecture. Eels and their kin have a variety of methods of consuming their victuals (correctly pronounced like "vittles", by the way). Some use suction and don't chew, some bite and chew, others have a combination of both methods, and so on. Some researchers think that the ability to chew is something that evolved (like other methods of dining), and re-evolved. That'll be the day. Then they were speculating that it's important information about how mammals evolved. 

Never mind that there is no observational evidence or plausible models, they just bolster their just-so story with conjecture and call it "science". Never occurs to them that creatures were built that way by their Maker, does it? Actually, the biblical creation model makes more sense, even at a glance.
Aquatic animals face some special challenges as they eat, for they must get their food into their mouths and swallowed before it washes away. Many grab it with their teeth, but the majority of aquatic vertebrates suction food into their mouths. Evolutionary researchers comparing eels that suck in their prey to those that nab it with their teeth report they have shown that the evolution of biting behavior opened the door to the enormous biodiversity in the skull shapes of other vertebrates.
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