Another Dinosaur Feather Fiasco

Know why Darwinists keep seeing things that aren't there? Because they want to. Many times, there has been one "evidence" for evolution after another brought out of the corral and shown off to adoring spectators, only to find out that there's nothing to it after all.

Believers in dinosaur-to-bird are so anxious to find evidence, they see things that do not exist and neglect to do thorough research.
Feather from Clker clipart
Those proclaiming dinosaur-to-bird evolution keep imagining feathers, but they have the blinders on as to seeing other explanations for "proto-feathers". To be consistent with their own viewpoints, they should be considering the fossil evidence against such evolution in the first place! If Darwinistas would do their research a bit more thoroughly, they wouldn't be rushing to erroneous conclusions quite so often. For that matter, the evidence really shows that birds and dinosaurs were each created separately — and more recently than evolutionists want to admit.
A recent claim of a newly discovered “feathered” dinosaur has pushed the controversy over birds and dinosaurs back into the limelight. Were dinosaurs really feathered, and did they evolve into birds?

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to the idea that dinosaurs evolved into birds is the lack of actual fossil support. Fossils of true birds with real feathers are found in rocks buried prior to the claimed bird-like dinosaurs. Likewise, alleged bird ancestors such as Velociraptor and Deinonychus are found in Upper Cretaceous system rocks, supposedly deposited 37 million years after the lower layers containing the true bird Archaeopteryx. This flips the evolutionary timeline upside down. But these facts are downplayed by the advocates for dinosaur-to-bird evolution. They insist that some yet-to-be-discovered ancestor lived prior to Archaeopteryx and will prove to be the common link between both groups despite the lack of fossil evidence.
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