Genome Increasingly Unfriendly to Evolution

When using language, there are basic rules for proper communication, especially in written form. Using dialects, slang, idioms and such can make you mighty hard to understand when writing off a letter to greenhorns. Like so.

Computer languages are very complex and specific, and an error in coding can disrupt the entire process in some cases, or render something tedious at best, such as faulty HTML code. Computer languages are very linear, going in only one direction. What if a language worked in several directions, including three dimensions?

Evolutionists think DNA supports their view, but in fact, it refutes it. To make matters worse, the language of DNA was discovered to be even more complex.

Proselytizers of goo-to-geneticist evolution often assert that DNA proves evolution. Not hardly! Genetics research is not a good employee at the Darwin Ranch, contributing information that affirms creation instead of evolution. The genome is amazingly complex and structured, obviously the product of our Designer.
A recent press release from a prominent European research group started off with this amazing proclamation: “A new study from Karolinska Institutet shows that the ‘grammar’ of the human genetic code is more complex than that of even the most intricately constructed spoken languages in the world.” Such a statement could not be more true or refreshing. The evolution-dominated research community consistently downplays the overwhelming evidence of intelligent design found in the human genome.

Many different languages exist in the genome, just as many different computer languages exist on your computer. They all work together to provide meaning, context, and function to the physical hardware of the system. Without information expressed in programming languages, your computer would be nothing but an expensive paperweight. Complex encoded information with syntax, grammar, structure, and rules are required to run complex systems.
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