Stifling Creationists Through Misrepresentation

One of the foundations of atheism is fungus-to-philosopher evolution, and when logical, scientific, and theological arguments are presented against it, they circle the wagons to fend off the truth.

Both atheists and theistic evolutionists attack biblical creationists through various means. But God's Word is their only hope.

Although atheists claim to use reason and logic, they frequently fail at both; an evolutionary worldview is incoherent, and cannot account for science, morality, and other necessary preconditions of intelligibility. If we're just bundles of matter responding to our inner chemistry, there is nothing wrong when one bundle eliminates another bundle if it helps the first bundle's ability to thrive. That would be a logical conclusion to Darwinism. Indeed, they have no consistent moral compass when they say that something is wrong, they are borrowing from the Christian worldview, which can make sense of morality. The same with science. Without God the Creator as described in the Bible, consistency in laws of nature is impossible.

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Bigotry, misrepresentation, prejudicial conjecture, ad hominem attacks, massive ego — no need for
me to spend serious time on this troll. The exchange was longer, but this screenshot give you the idea.
When people get like this, it's time to move on.
The atheistic and evolutionary worldview has no message of hope, just "blind, pitiless indifference" according to Clinton Richard Dawkins. You're here by chance (all the way back to the Big Bang), life has no meaning, there is no consistent standard of morality, you're worm food when you die, there is no ultimate justice or Judgement. No wonder they have more depression and a high suicide rate! Their only hope is in Jesus Christ (Rom. 3:23, Rom. 6:23, John 1:12), and they hate him. Unbelievers are at enmity with God, even when they pretend God doesn't exist (John 1:10, Rom. 8:7, Rom. 3:10-18, Psalm 14:1, John 8:44, 2 Cor. 4:4). Being Satan's hand puppets, unbelievers team up with their useful idiot allies, the theistic evolutionists, to ridicule biblical creationists.

Why attack biblical creationists? Simply stated, we believe the Bible and offer the hope that they reject. Also, we uphold the authority of Scripture. I reckon that the theistic evolutionists, who have such a low view of Scripture, are actually Deists in many cases, so they get along right well with misotheists in attacking us. They utilize several tactics that are basically attempts to manipulate people emotionally into rejecting God and the foundations of Scripture found in Genesis. There are appeals to "what about the children?", simple ad hominem attacks, emotive name-calling (such as "Fundie", whatever that means to them), straw man arguments, false analogies, and more. Misrepresenting creationists seems to be a pastime, and some even make it their missions in life to "refute" us and present the unquestioned "truth" of evolutionism.

I recommend a rather long but very informative article, "The portrayal of creationists by their evolutionist detractors" for more information on how they operate. In addition, atheists will pretend to be Christians and attack us from the "fellow believer" approach. (I have experienced some theistic evolutionists who acted just like atheists in their vitriol and unchristian approaches, including an Anglican "pastor", as well as other tinhorns that I have discussed elsewhere.) It's amazing how some people who hate God, the Bible, and creationists try to educate us on what God says and means in his Word! In a letter to Creation Ministries International, someone claiming to be "Father" launched an attack on them. I think he was a faker and would have dismissed his rant out of hand, but Lita Cosner gave an excellent response.
We thought the following exchange would illustrate to readers the type of correspondence that CMI receives on a regular basis, not just from secularists, but from professing Christians. This priest's ignorance about what creationists believe illustrates exactly why ministries like CMI need to exist and, thus, need your support.
Fr Jason A. F. B. Ph.D. wrote:

Seeing that you people believe in Hell, how do you figure that your level of ignorance, bigotry, hate, corruption, and abuse to others (especially your own children) will provide any entry way into this mystical vision of Heaven that you are so keen on faithing into existence? You use every logical fallacy ever, and have even seen to invent new ones, purely to falsely assert your claims. Any and seemingly all "evidence" you provide is provided from similar pro-creationist sites, all of which take actual facts out of context in order to misguide people into your beliefs. As an actual holder of a doctorate (no offense to "plant grower" Dr? Batten), I find this entire site to be a mockery to Christianity, Jesus Christ's very own teachings, and a serious offense to God. You intentionally contradict the very faith you believe in, in order to attack non-believers (which you aren't very good at). By the way, my doctorates are in theological anthropology and in psychology (Fordham Jesuit University). It has always been somewhat of a joke in "actual" theological discussions that fundamentalist and creationists were egotistical "nuts" who have been brainwashed and are no better than terrorists. I can see (after thoroughly reviewing your site) that this is not the case. I would like to make a formal apolog…to the people I called rude for mocking creationism. After seeing this site, it has become abundantly clear to me, and others who I have forwarded, that these pages of "blasphemy and immoral substance" is a complete contradiction to God's wishes. Personal attacks are un-Christian, and it seems that this "debate" between Creationism and Science is purely has evolved into nothing but hate and intolerance towards human beings for reasons that are detrimental for both sides.
To read the rest of his diatribe and then the response, click on "Priest calls CMI heretical".