Secular Astronomers do NOT Have Things All Figured Out

Take the trail toward Deception Pass and you'll most likely come upon the Darwin Ranch. The hands there have been a mite cranky lately because they depend on billions of years to justify their worldview, and the news hasn't been too good as of late. Especially regarding astronomy and cosmology. We're all star stuff from the Big Bang, you know — a star died so you might live, and all that kind of thing. Their stargazing friends have made pronouncements of how everything came to be (never mind the lack of observable, testable, repeatable evidence), and those people have been getting humbled these past few years. More so in recent times. Here are four reasonably short articles to 'splain, Loocy.

Secular astronomers and cosmologists have an increasing amount of difficulty hanging onto their old universe paradigm.
Saturn / Image credit: NASA / JPL / Space Science Institute

Hot Jumping Jupiter!

You might jump too if you were as hot as some of the exoplanets detected elsewhere in the universe. What's frustrating to astronomers who presuppose evolution is that these seem to be the norm, and our own gas giant Jupiter is the right temperature, since, and location for our solar system. The rest are not conducive to life, but are conducive to frustrating secular speculations. See "Hot Jupiter Exasperates Astronomers". But we're not done here, so don't wander off too far down that trail.

Saturn's Rings Not Suitable for Dense-ing

Saturn is the next gas giant in our solar system, a bit smaller than Jupiter. Astronomers have been trying to find ways to keep the rings of Saturn old, but keep running into problems. One problem is that they were fooled about the density of the rings by an optical illusion — a trick of the light. Those rings are giving silent testimony to a young solar system. Click on "Density Can't Keep Saturn's Rings Old".

Enceladus  Pumps Out Plasma and Ice

This tiny moon of Saturn is a spirited stallion, giving out more plasma for it's planet's magnetosphere, and it's giving more. It also gives out a passel of ice. Secularists are hard pressed to explain how such things can be going on for millions of years. Take a look at "Tiny Enceladus Beats Saturn in Plasma Output".

Earth is Special

Starting with Big Bang assumptions and the speculation that there must be other Earths, other intelligent life in this here old universe, some are seeing that Earth is not just an insignificant speck in space after all. (After all, it was created, and created recently with the rest of the universe much more recently than they want to admit; it was designed for our life by our Creator. It's the only known place in the universe with liquid water, too.) See "More Indications Earth is Unique". 

You've reached the end of this quadrilogy.