Evolution and the Fence Lizard Safety Dance

One of the biggest problems with purveyors of lichens-to-lizard evolution is that they claim to see "evolution in action" when nothing of the kind is happening. Occasionally, some of these owlhoots will not only use "evolution" incorrectly, but will do the bait 'n' switch equivocation to say that any little change means that Darwinism is true. Not hardly!

Fence lizards and "evolution in action" to survive fire ants? Not hardly! Variation and natural selection, but calling it "evolution" is false.
Image credit: US National Park Service (text added later)
Fence lizards have been getting eaten by fire ants. Some do the usual thing and sit there, hoping the problem goes away, and are consumed. Others have learned to do their version of the safety dance, twitching and shimming, and running away. Darwinistas are claiming that variations and natural selection are "evolution in action", but that is downright false. No new genetic material is added, they are drawing from the same DNA that they were created with.
Everyone ‘knows’ that evolution is slow and gradual—except when it’s fast and sudden! Note this National Geographic News headline: “Lizards evolving rapidly to survive deadly fire ants.”

However, careful analysis of the story reveals that the fast changes in lizards are not evidence of evolution at all.

Beware the fire ant!

Fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) were accidentally introduced to the USA from South America in the 1930s. They soon impacted their new surrounds. If a reptile, bird or mammal strayed onto a fire ant mound, the consequences were often fatal.

The fire ants will also actually attack far away from their mound, to obtain food. They inject neuromuscular venom into the skin to paralyze their prey, then begin to eat.
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