Science, Faith, and Reality

Atheists and evolutionists interpret scientific evidence from their worldviews, but many do not want to admit this fact. The biblical worldview is the only one that makes sense of reality.

Atheists and evolutionists don't cotton to the notion that they operate from their worldviews, which are comprised of presuppositions. Some will even claim that they believe in science, reason and reality. What they don't realize is that those are philosophical claims, based on their worldviews.

"Empirical science is the only way to learn truth and reality", some have said. This is a self-refuting statement, because no scientific method can make this metaphysical determination! To claim that reason and reality are based on naturalistic approaches is a question-begging presupposition as well. They have disdain for faith, but that comes from a faulty definition, along the lines of "believing something you know isn't true". Definitions matter. For example, this definition of "fundamentalist", which I have yet to find in a dictionary:

The atheistic and evolutionary worldview cannot account for logic, morality, reason, origins — and offers no real hope. Only the biblical worldview makes sense, and offers the ultimate hope.
‘Prove to me that God created everything!’ Have you had anyone say that to you? Or ‘Prove to me that God exists’? Have you ever tried to do that, but encountered a brick wall of resistance where the challenger dismisses anything you have to offer? Your friend might even say, ‘You just have faith, you have no evidence, I base my beliefs on evidence.’

What is going on here? Your friend is beginning with a different worldview, an over-arching view of everything through which he/she interprets the evidence. The common non-Christian worldview in the West nowadays is secularism/atheism based upon naturalism. This has no place for a divine Creator and certainly not the One the Bible reveals, or the history of His works recorded in the Bible. Your arguments seem to fall on deaf ears.

The Bible says that such people have no excuse for adopting a view that excludes God. Romans 1:18 says that they are suppressing the truth in their unrighteousness because God’s existence is evident from what He has created (vv. 19ff).
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