Natural Selection Jabberwocky

I can't for the life of me figure out why the hands at the Darwin Ranch over at Deception Pass get paid so well. They spread propaganda like a farmer flings fertilizer on the fields, but they lack understanding of evolution itself as well as their favorite excuses, such as endosymbiosis. Even though orthodox Darwinism's belief in natural selection as a means to get something to change into something else altogether, it's not happening. They really need to be more circumspect in their use of the term natural selection.

There are still Darwinists who believe that natural selection is the driving force behind evolution. But they don't even understand what it is.
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While natural selection does occur because our Creator designed it, Darwinoids act like it's a sentient being that is able to guide the process. More than that, they are unclear on the term itself, and obfuscate natural selection along with artificial selection, and other "selections". Their reports make less sense than Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky".
If humans guide a process, that is not natural selection. Darwin’s idea had nothing to do with intention or morality.

Is it the reporters or the scientists at the University of Colorado who don’t get Darwin? A press release titled “‘‘Natural selection’ could lead to amazing new materials” gets evolutionary theory all wrong.
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