T-Rex Missing Link

The latest contestant on Darwin's Got Talent is singing an old song with a new verse tacked on. This time, the old song, "We Found a Missing Link!" has a new verse about a T-Rex link. The scientism press is delirious from the Dar-wine, and their intoxication shows up in the propaganda mill reporting. Naturalistic scientists aren't helping much.

Despite the science press going wild over a supposed T-Rex missing link, what they are reporting and the actual facts are entirely different reptiles.
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Fact of the matter is, that missing link is mighty cracked and blurry. Bones were found over a wide area for a period of years, so don't let someone fool you that they found an intact skeleton in one place. But not all secular scientists are singing the new verse to the song, as there's a heap of problems with this so-called link. Oh, but artists took the liberty of adding feathers so they can further the falsehood about dinosaurs evolving into birds, even though there were no feathers found. Sure are determined to pretend that evolution is true and that God didn't do the creating, aren't they?
From a few bone fragments and lots of imagination, reporters lit the fireworks and marching bands to spin stories for Darwin.

Whenever you see the phrase “missing link,” be prepared for a media circus. This time it’s about a horse-sized tyrannosaur fossil discovered in Uzbekistan. From 15 scattered bone fragments (7 of them vertebrae), Steven Brusatte and team have deduced it was a missing link. The find was published in PNAS; simultaneously, Brusatte crowed on The Conversation about his “Evolution Story” with a large banner of an artist’s rendition of the feathery monster walking on a beach. On cue, reporters started the drum roll and fanfare, prepared with artwork on their banners. The parade was on!
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