Serial Cells Frustrate Evolutionary Ideas

Although biology is foundational to amoeba-to-man evolution, it is not supportive of the concept. Increasing knowledge of biological functions supports what biblical creationists have been saying all along: life was intelligently designed by God, who is revealed in the Bible, and evolution has no part in the matter.

Advances in understanding biology not only refute evolution, but support what biblical creationists have been saying all along.
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Serial cell differentiation is a system-intensive process require a great deal of energy from an organism. This is to keep certain cells from proliferating too rapidly, and is a hindrance for mutations.
Single celled organisms replicate as fully functional cells, and they maintain cellular integrity through a system of direct epigenetic inheritance, or ‘cell memory’. Some tissues in multicellular organisms proliferate in the same way. However, the majority of tissues in adult multicellular organisms don’t.

Most tissues in mature multicellular organisms replicate via a method called serial differentiation.2 Cells go through a series of differentiation stages as they duplicate, ending in a fully differentiated cell, which eventually dies and passes out of the system, or is recycled by apoptosis (programmed cell death). There are three different types of cells in this system: stem cells, a class called ‘transient amplifying cells’ (TACs) and fully differentiated cells.
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