"Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception" Video Review

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Since the movie project Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception was first announced by Creation Ministries International, I've been chomping at the bit to see it. Unfortunately, I was unable to see the movie in the cinema. Trusting past experience, reviews from various people, having read the book, and so on, I did something that I've never done before: pre-ordered five copies of the DVD. Now that I've seen it, I can tell you that I'm glad I did. (I think my brother just guessed what he's getting for Christmas.) This isn't strictly a review, since I have a few things of my own to add.

"Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception" is now available on video in many areas
Image courtesy of Creation Ministries International
As with the book by Gary Bates, the video of Alien Intrusion required a huge amount of research. There is video footage from past documentaries and interviews, as well as quotes from various books and such. There were some excellent CGI moments as well. The video was equal to, and often surpassed, the quality of secular documentaries I've seen on various subjects.

Maybe you saw John Schneider on television in The Dukes of Hazzard some 35 years ago, or more recently as Superman's stepdad in Smallville. Didn't occur to me that he has a great voice for narration, and he was an excellent choice for Alien Intrusion. Seems to me that some shows can be ruined by having a good narrator do most of the talking, but Schneider was not played out. Other people had their turns at speaking as well. We hear from Gary Bates, CMI scientists like Dr. Robert Carter and Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, UFO researchers, experiencers, and more.

The movie begins with the framework for alien life: the Big Bang. You've probably come across (or even believe yourself) that it's ridiculous to assume that Earth is the only inhabited planet in the universe, and there must be other life out yonder. Such statements are ultimately based on the Big Bang and assumptions stemming from that belief. However, the science behind it is severely lacking. Further, the impetus behind the belief in extraterrestrials is atoms-to-aliens evolution. After all, we "know" that life evolved here, so it must have, by the huge number of worlds based on Big Bang assumptions, evolved elsewhere in the universe. Therefore, aliens.

We are also given an overview of the fascination with aliens presented in various media. People have wondered about the existence of beings on other worlds for a mighty long time, with authors like Jules Verne writing about space travel, H.G. Wells presenting a Martian attack on Earth, and others. With moving pictures, space travel and aliens were prominent in many stories. Seems like things really took off (heh!) during the Cold War. If you study on it a spell, you can see how many of those classic movies from the 1950s were using alien invasions to represent our fears of attacks from the Soviet Union.

If we allow for the sake of discussion that extraterrestrials exist, there are several problems that arise. One is, why would they travel trillions of miles from various places to come here? Also, the logistics of their travel are insurmountable.

Alien Intrusion points out that these alleged aliens keep changing their stories. Imagine:
"We are from Venus."
Sorry, uninhabitable.
"We meant to say, Mars."
"You know about Proxima Centauri b. Nice and close to Earth."
That planet's star gets on the prod and emits solar flares that would destroy all life.
"Our translators are acting up, sorry. We are from the planet you call Kepler-78b".
Rocky, way too hot, and secularists say it shouldn't even be there.
"The Pleiades, then."
Why bother? New Age spiritists "channel" your ilk. Could have saved yourselves a trip.
For that matter, I remember reading some investigative reporting by Frank Edwards on flying saucers. People claimed to have seen entities that fit what was described on old science fiction pulp magazines, popular novels, and movies. After the elongated "grays" became popular, those were the most commonly encountered. No sign of creatures in silver suits and bubble helmets anymore.

Alien Intrusion points out that a high percentage of people believe in Unidentified Flying Objects, and that UFO has become synonymous with alien spacecraft in the minds of many people. (Actually, a UFO is something that is as yet unidentified. Simple, really.) There are also many people who claim to have seen UFOs, had close-up encounters, and even been abducted.

All those people claiming to have had sightings cannot all be hoaxers. Many have strong reputations for being rational and objective. These people have various occupations, locations, philosophies, and so forth, and seem to exhibit little or nothing in common. Can't just write them off, old son. Many are so traumatized, they do not discuss their experiences; you may know some and be unaware of their inner torments. The Christian church should be the first place of counsel and refuge, but most Christians are uninformed about such things, so experiencers seek solace in their own support groups. These groups can lead to deception.

I'll allow that many aspects of seem implausible, and the movie points out that many encounters cannot be scientifically investigated. Some people claim to have been levitated, taken through ceilings and walls, even making journeys to other worlds. They believe such things have happened, and exhibit psychological reactions. Can't very well investigate such things, though.

Not all of the sightings themselves be rejected as errors, since they are documented in many ways. Indeed, some US government officials have gone on record that some sightings were covered up. (Sorry, the "Roswell Incident" has a prosaic explanation, although it was shrouded in secrecy.) Since most UFO reports — including those from indisputable, authentic sources — describe them defying the laws of physics, it has been suggested that they are not extraterrestrial, but transdimensional. That is, from a parallel universe. Although parallel universes are frequently referenced in Big Bang secular cosmogony, there are some people who present the view that spiritual entities (such as angels and demons) are transdimensional as well. This transdimensional aspect may tie in with the reports of people moving through solid objects with their abductors, but I'm just speculating.

The movie also makes a strong case for something that has been postulated by several people. Namely, that UFOlogy and alien experiences have become a de facto religion. The earlier question about why they supposedly came such long distances and changing their stories about their origins (and having various appearances at first) also applies to what they have to say. Alien encounters are a major part of New Age religions (do a search on "channeling aliens"). What do they say? Each is an ancient alien race that is more highly evolved and wants to help us evolve as well. They want to bring us a new religion as a part of humanity's spiritual evolution, so throw away that dusty old Bible you haven't been reading or believing anyway. Various people are told by aliens that they have been chosen to bring forward a new religion.

Consider that through the ages, there have been beings of various sorts in many cultures, whether Celtic, Native American, or from other places. They are distractions from the truth. Let's cowboy up and face it: Satan will use whatever means to redirect people away from the truth of the gospel. He doesn't care if you're into cults, atheism, evolutionism, the occult, UFOlogy, liberal theology, politics, or whatever.

Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception makes a very strong case that extraterrestrials are, in fact, demonic and not physical beings. For example, when Bible-believing Christians are being harassed, they call upon the name of Jesus and the abductions stop. Some "aliens" even exhibit fear of Jesus. Why should physical beings from very far away care about what they consider a religious figure? Because they know he is the Creator, God in the flesh, our Redeemer. That is the deception that this movie unmasks, and it makes a very compelling case. 

People who knew me long ago would be surprised at what I've said here and over the past few years, because I used to believe that aliens existed. My views were inconsistent, because I also rejected evolution, and believed aliens were created. Then I got both my science and theology in order. But I still watch and read science fiction, suspending my disbelief.

There is a strong gospel message that is strongly presented at the end. This involves biblical passages, some theology, and testimonies of researchers and experiencers. Unfortunately, the church as a whole has dropped the ball in this area, as there are many traumatized and hurting people who can be helped but are forgotten (or unknown in the first place). People who are not believers can be made aware of the truth of Scripture and how they can be delivered from spiritual oppression, whether from demons pretending to be extraterrestrials, or others.

I do have one minor problem. The movie seemed to be ending about three times before it actually concluded. This was probably because of what I anticipated from other documentaries, where the narrator has the last word. So, wait for the credits.

Y'all knew from the onset that I liked this movie. I am hoping that you will see it and even use it as an educational and outreach tool.

ADDENDUM 4-24-2018:
After attending a screening of our movie Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception, David H. wrote in with the following question.

Just a question: I saw your movie tonight, and was interested by its explanation for many alien/UFO phenomena as being spirit-based. But I don't understand how UFOs: (1.) can be tracked on radar and (2.) similarly recorded on film and in photographs while still being spirit-based? And some of them are recorded as performing very complex high-speed maneuvers. How can this be possible for spirit-based entities?

Gary Bates, CMI-US CEO and writer/producer of Alien Intrusion, responds