Bat Research Tainted by Evolution

People like my wife are not exactly fond of bats, and it does not help matters that we seldom see them in the daytime, and their appearance can be a bit startling. Movies and scary stories have not helped their image, either. A willingness to get the bigger picture and appreciate their design can go a long way. 

Good studies on bats go bad with homage to Darwin
Credit: Freeimages / Ann Petersen
Bats have been using echolocation long before humans developed it, as have dolphins and other critters. Also, bats are known for eating a wagon-trainload of insects every night. Did you know that some lap nectar? Yes, they do it when hovering over flowers. Some interesting research on how their tongues are put together is enlightening. Then the research was spoiled by the obligatory homage to Darwin, that animals evolved what they need. Blessed be!

A study on the Egyptian fruit bat's echolocation was conducted, and surprised researchers. They thought that since it had big eyes and came out in daylight, its echolocation would be more "primitive". Not hardly! Then the kissing of Darwin's ring commenced, saying how they can learn about the evolution of echolocation. That's assumption, buttercup, not science.

The real kicker is when a bat study, under controlled conditions with a select, limited population, allegedly shows a possible relationship with humans and communism! The study involved scrounging off the hard work of others. (You know, sort of like how evolutionists scrounge from the hard work of science established by Christians in the proper environment.) Then the researchers made the foolish comparison between bats and human behavior. Why do these jaspers still get paid?

"By the way, it evolved" is not a scientific explanation, nor is it logical. Looking at the intricate details, it is logical to conclude that the Creator put things in their place for bats to survive. Evolution doesn't have a wing to fly on.

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