The Resurrection, Creation, and the View from the Hill

Back in the olden days, I had a professor who frequently talked about "getting up on the hill", and similar phrases. He did not explain it, he just used it. Finally, I figured out that he was talking about getting a broad perspective. It can also be expressed as getting the big picture or a broader perspective. Things like that.

Get up on the hill for the big picture and see how creation affects the gospel message
Photo by adrian on Unsplash
Knowledgeable creationists will not tell you that believing in a literal six-day recent creation is essential to salvation (although atheopaths lie that this is one of our teachings). It is a "side issue", but that does not mean creation is unimportant. Not by a long shot!

Getting the right perspective helps us realize that adding long ages, evolution, and other things to God's Word is damaging to the gospel message. Ultimately, the death, burial and bodily resurrection of Jesus from the dead becomes irrelevant!
While many Christians still consider the Creation doctrine a fringe issue, a proper understanding of the Christian message finds creation at its core—a necessary, foundational component of the Christian worldview—without which Christianity flounders around in illogic.

It's helpful to think of creation as the "big picture," which answers the vital questions. Who made us? Who is God? What does He expect of me? What is sin? What is the penalty for sin?
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