Five New Fossil Forests Evosplained

Way down Antarctica way, a fossil forest was found. That is interesting in and of itself, but the research began contradicting themselves. One notable example is that they said the tree stumps had turned to stone, but amino acids were found. This is only the beginning of their evosplaining.

Five more fossil forests were discovered in Antarctica, explained by bad science
Original image credit: Jacques Descloitres, MODIS Rapid Response Team, NASA / GSFC
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Later, five more of these things were found. A good story about the expedition was spoiled by some illegitimate conjectures and homage to Darwin, blessed be! Researchers used the scientific principle of Making Things Up™ in the course of their evosplaining. The strange effort to bring in the Permian Extinction story and apply it to global climate change (yes, really) is also baffling. Bad science, bad logic. Happens a lot nowadays.

These findings are a threat to long ages and indicate that the earth is young, so researches invoked a weak "It's shrouded in mystery approach". (Sometimes, that is appropriate in theological matters, since we cannot understand everything about our infinite Creator. But it is a cheap escape when alleged scientific facts are being asserted.) Even a cursory reading of the report shows desperate attempts to preserve long ages (and therefore, evolution, which requires them). Quite a bit of effort to deny evidence of the Genesis Flood and recent creation, n'est-ce pas?
The extent of fossil forests buried in the coldest continent on earth continues to grow and astound explorers.

Last November 17, 2017, we relayed findings about fossil forests discovered by Erik Gulbransen’s team in Antarctica, with wood “so well-preserved in rock that some of the amino acid building blocks that made up the trees’ proteins can still be extracted.” Now, National Geographic reports that five new fossil forests have been found. The article is part discovery and part adventure story, as the team endured incredible hardships in “one of the harshest environments on the planet.”
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