Children, Evolution, and Robots

A recent article in The Guardian discusses how Alex Beard and his wife wanted to study their newborn child's ability to learn. Various cameras were installed, and this interesting (but possibly utilitarian) study indicated that children have a high capacity for learning. This is not all that surprising, since scientists have learned that children begin learning even before they are born.

People studied their newborn child and compared human capacity to that of artificial intelligence and robots
Credit: Pixabay / Adelind

Beard said that the best robots and forms of artificial intelligence are unable to compete with human learning. His naturalistic worldview does not allow for a rational explanation for human intelligence, nor does he consider the fact that we are made in God's image. He is right that robots cannot compete.


Credit was erroneously given to evolution, and not the Creator who designed us with the capacity for intellectual development and abstract thinking, and created us in his image. His naturalistic worldview would not allow for such things. 

To read or hear about this, click on this episode of The Briefing by Albert Mohler. For a bonus, his next item discusses what Dr. Mohler calls a "higher form of nonsense". Namely, that grandparents are a process of evolution. Keep an eye out for the contradiction as well, that evolution is supposed to be purposeless, but there is a teleology (evolution has a purpose) involved.