No Chance for Naturalistic Origin of Life — Part 2

In a previous exciting installment, we examined how abiogenesis (life arising from non-life) has serious problems from the get-go. If you have ever read or watched science fiction, you may have encountered reorganization or relocation scenarios. That is, put the story on a distant planet, or in the far future where Earth was mostly destroyed by a war or other catastrophe. Seems like Darwin's lab-coated disciples do this in reverse for their tales: since conditions on Earth make abiogenesis impossible, go back in time and imagine a different world so that life could spontaneously form.

Evolutionists are continuing to come up with outlandish scenarios for the origin of life.
Credit: Unsplash / Lucas Vasques
Under scrutiny, we see that life requires water and oxygen. However, water is a serious impediment in the spontaneous formation of those nucleotides that are necessary for the formation of life. Some riders of the owlhoot trail are attempting to deny the Creator's work by suggesting that life formed in formamide. (Careful, I though the world was "formaldehyde" at first.) Never mind that formamide is not naturally plentiful on Earth, and is toxic to cells. Then these pseudo-scientists suggested that maybe perhaps sometime it could be radiation made life evolve in those conditions.

In the previous post linked up topside, the atmosphere was discussed. Even though geologic evidence reveals that our atmosphere has been pretty much the same throughout Earth's history, evolutionists imagine a different scenario and build their speculations on it anyway.


Like a desperate movie producer, they throw in some attention-grabbing items. How about asteroids? Yeah, and we can zap stuff with lasers, pretending we're simulating conditions on Earth back then just after the asteroids hit! Nothing useful was found, however, and they proceeded to collect grant money that came from taxpayers. This is modern science, old son: storytelling without evidence, logic, or even science. Hail Darwin, blessed be! Oh, please.
In addition to original research and data analysis on important themes in the origins debate, ICR scientists also evaluate the progress of secular research reported in many scientific publications. One of the fruits of this research was noted in last month’s Acts & Facts Impact article on the topic of abiogenesis—the supposed development of life from non-life. It reviewed the history of research on the origin of life and showed how utterly futile the evolutionary explanations of the alleged naturalistic beginnings of life really are. The article wasn’t able to include all the important recent scientific publications on the topic, so we’ll cover some of those here.
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