Evolutionists Get Away with Saying Ridiculous Things

We expect Darwin bots to say ridiculous things on forums, social media, and so forth. They often do not understand their own mythology or the workings of science. Ironically, biblical creationists often need to correct them. When trained scientists jump the corral fence and go running off into fantasy lands, that is a bit more concerning.

The secular science industry media let materialistic nonsense go unchallenged

Darwin's Flying Monkeys© in the secular science media ignore their journalistic duties, allowing plenty of piffle to remain unchallenged. After all, they're promoting materialism and denying the Creator. Sharing a secular presuppositions somehow makes these things acceptable. You don't have to be a scientist to spot nonsense. Unfortunately, people in general are not skilled in critical thinking, and accept what "scientists say" as truth. Of course, they'll change their minds later on so many things...


David Coppedge rounded up some of these items: Stephen Hawking knew what happened before the fictitious Big Bang, Michio Kaku knows what space aliens would look like, we evolved so that we sleep less than apes, so we're prone to get Alzheimer’s Disease (this is evolutionary teleology, which contradicts alleged evolutionary processes), and more.

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