Evolutionary Thinking and Fake Reality

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

It is interesting to me that many of us who reject the concept of space aliens and unbelievable science in fantastic fiction still tend to put our disbelief in the stable and watch or read these things. Computer simulations can be like high-end video games, totally dependent on programming. Add to these the idea that we are living in a computer simulation. My current favorite is Stargate SG-1.

There are some new versions of the idea that we exist in a computer simulation. Also, evolution is deceiving us about reality. A podcast is linked that discusses these concepts.
Image credits: The one on the tablet is an artist's conception from NASA,
the larger image and modification from PhotoFunia
The idea of "you may be just a brain in a vat" has been around a spell. You know how it goes: we're imagining everything we experience but nothing is real. This idea, as well as those "we're living in a computer simulation" concepts, give rise to a passel of science fiction movies like The Matrix, They Live (well, it sort of fits), and others. I have to add a science fiction short story that I read (I disremember the author and title, sorry) where people realized that when things were going wrong, it was because our lives are the dream of another entity. Somehow, they figured out a way to lull it back to sleep; centuries for us were a few hours for the dreamer.

When playing some shooter games, I occasionally get bored and become Mr. Indestructible so I can hurt the evil critters up personal-like. Some have suggested that we are living in a computer simulation by an advanced alien civilization. Mighty smart folks to do that, huh? They even came up with all of the specified complexities of life that refute evolution, as well as the amazingly complex DNA molecule. The latest version is similar to the story of lulling the sleeper back to dreamland because we don't want the aliens to know that we know. (Mayhaps they'll bring on the Meteor of Death because they're bored with their game.) There have to be limits to dealing with "what if...?", old son, and get back to the real world.

The whole thing is clearly based on atheistic and evolutionary thinking. There is no Creator, no purpose, no value to life. From that comes the ideas that there is no reality, and morality is relative (postmodernism). One concept is that even though evolution is supposed to explain everything, it is also deceiving us. Yes, evolution is once again being treated like an entity, not a blind, pitiless, impersonal force. 

Materialists deny God and define "reality" on their terms. Like some tinhorns have redefined lying to mean, "I disagree with some people, so I call them 'liars' even though I cannot prove deception and want to use an emotive word". Reality (like honesty, logic, and science itself)  is defined by God on his terms. People who deny his existence or authority have no say in the matter. God has made himself known in the Bible, and its in everyone's best interest to find out what he has to say.

This article was inspired by a pair of segments in The Briefing podcast by Dr. R. Albert Mohler. Although other writers will probably delve into these subjects, I would like to commend you to his podcast (free to listen online or download, or read the transcript). Click here for The Briefing on Thursday, August 22, 2019. Look for "Could the Cosmos Just Be a Computer Simulation? The Threat of Meaningless Existence vs. the Sure and Certain Hope of Biblical Realism" and "Leading Scientists Claim We Live in a Subjective Reality: Are We Gripped by a Collective Delusion about the Material World?"