Video Recommendation: The Atheist Illusion

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

When I receive a list of links from The Domain for Truth, I noticed something called The Atheist Illusion. There are several videos and books that have similar names, but I thought I would click on the link anyway. It went to a video and I expected a lecture. Instead, the video was very informative and well produced. It used graphics, excerpts from other videos, and narration that was easy to understand. I am going to discuss points in it and import some of my own thoughts that were sparked by The Atheist Illusion.

The Atheist Illusion is an informative and compelling video that deals with several subjects. It is well worth your time.
From the opening of the video
It is a fact that atheists have a high degree of degree of depression and suicide, and the video begins by pointing this out and the hopelessness inherent in atheism. It is difficult to live life without purpose, but atheists pretend that the belief that "when you die, that's it, you're worm food" is somehow liberating. No, the atheistic worldview leads to despair.

Those of us who have been around the web and social media for a spell know that atheists lie. A lot. Some even pretend to be Christians so they can sidle up to Christians and begin attempting to tear down our faith. The biggest lies are those they tell themselves, including their belief in science and logic — but few online village atheists demonstrate any skill in understanding either. 

Their appeal to science is based on delusional self-serving presuppositions (such as redefining "reality" as "naturalism"). Actually, science, logic, and reality itself are impossible without the God that they pretend does not exist; naturalism is actually self-refuting. We see that atheists believe what they want to believe, and their religion is one of blind faith, not based on reason; opinions and conjecture are of primary importance. However, they claim that Christians are deniers of science and reality, which is the opposite of the truth.

Many atheists (especially those that have been caught lying) resort to rage, mockery, and extensive use of logical fallacies. When presented with contrary views, misotheists often rail against and attempt to shame those who have the unmitigated gall to believe something different — especially when we provide evidence and logic that refute their positions. Such angry displays (plus the ubiquitous ad homienm and straw man fallacies) do not prove their positions and only make them look more foolish.

The video discussed evolution at some length. This is important because it supposedly make atheism intellectually feasible. Evolution is actually a pseudoscience that cannot be falsified. (It is interesting to me that if there are "mountains of evidence" for evolution, why the need for fraud and tampering with data?) Clinton Richard Dawkins was mentioned several times, including his nonsensical "Mount Improbable" speculation. Essentially, evolutionists believe in luck rather than admit that the evidence supports the work of the Creator.

From this discussion, the video went into the consequences of an evolutionary worldview. Eugenics was examined and how Adolf Hitler took it to its horrendous logical conclusion. Communism and fascism are two sides of the same coin, and Hitler, Stalin, and other anti-Christian Darwinists were discussed, as well as the atheistic Reign of Terror in the French Revolution.

Let's face it: atheism has no answers and only offers death. It has no real science, truth, or even tolerance. Atheists want to be admired and are essentially their own gods. The only truth and hope come from repentance and trust in the God of the Bible.

The Atheist Illusion is about an hour and a half long, so I do not want to embed it here (large videos slow down page loads on sites, as you have probably noticed elsewhere). Instead, here is the link. I hope that you will watch this compelling video and learn from it.