Psychology, Morality, and the Bible

Warning: The post and some of the links contain mature content. Discretion advised.

Know why there are so many schools (systems) of psychology? Because none of them completely work. Years ago, I had a therapist that used the REBT approach developed by Albert Ellis. That had some benefit, but he also had me doing "power animals" and other things from Native American mythologies. No good. While it can be helpful to talk to someone with knowledge, the root problems are not addressed in secular systems.

Psychology is rooted in evolutionary thinking and seeks to provide morality and mental health without our Creator. There are many problems in the so-called mental health professions.
Adapted from an image by Gerd Altmann at Pixabay
Sigmund Freud got the ball rolling for psychology. He and other secularists have rooted it in evolutionary thinking, so they take naturalistic approaches to morality and mental health, denying our Creator in the process. (Sometimes people have better results through time and discussion instead of spending mucho dinero for numerous sessions with a therapist. The best approach would be to use biblical counseling.) Evolutionary psychology gave us the lobotomy holocaust. Like so many other areas, leftist agendas have hijacked psychology and psychiatry — and these are not actually sciences.

Sure, practitioners and advocates refer to them as sciences, but they do not actually fit the definition. Some scientific approaches are utilized, giving them a veneer of science. Psychiatry and psychology are having credibility problems, even though they can be beneficial to some people. We have two articles for you to examine. The first one contains the mature content.
  • There are critics of psychiatry who realize that the field is "in crisis" and things need to be fixed. Misdiagnosing patients is an old problem, and psychiatrists pretend to be scientists.
  • Since they figure that humans are just evolved animals, biological psychology defines "normal" by what is seen in the natural world. 
  • False views of sexual orientation and assorted perversions are forced on Christians and the public in general under the guise of "science". Those of us who reject trends are considered the ones that need therapy, even though those who engage in aberrant behavior are a microcosm of the population, and have been so for millennia. 
Brace yourself, and read the details at "Psychology Co-Ops ‘Science’ to Fight Biblical Morality". Don't forget to come back for the second installment, which is less alarming but still has shocking implications.

Howdy! Glad you could come back. There are some practices in the mind "sciences" that should trouble people who are concerned with ethics and morality.
  • Clinical reports are exaggerated in abstracts, and professionals often read those instead of the full reports. (I have seen similar things where someone "refutes" creationist material by citing an abstract, but that is really just promises and intentions of the authors, not actual evidence for something.) Do you want your disorder medication "cocktail" recommended by someone who has not done serious study?
  • There seems to be a conflict of interest where people make big money on the psych celebrity lecture circuit.
  • Cases of misconduct going back many years.
To read the article, click on "More Criticisms Raised Against Psycho-Science". By the way, I stopped seeing therapists and taking antidepressants years ago.