Providing Evidence for the Creator

In several places, I have written about how unbelievers often demand that we prove to them that God exists. Apologists can see that this insistence is actually a justification for their rebellion against the God that they already know exists (Romans 1:18-23), and irrationally requiring scientific, material evidence for God.

Unbelievers demand evidence for God, often with illogical requirements. We can give evidence for the Creator to honest seekers, but only in the proper way.
Credit: Freeimages / Maxime Perron Caissy
For the most part, the people that comment at The Question Evolution Project are antagonistic and hard-hearted, rejecting any attempt to answer their questions. Once in a while, we (and Bible-believing Christians) encounter people who have saddled up to ride the long trail to seeking truth. If they get up on the hill for the bigger picture, they can see that there is a wagon train-load of evidence for God's existence as well as his character. He is our Creator and has made himself known.

We do not need to spend time trying to present evidence to mockers and those who define "reality" through materialism and evolution, but we can have fruitful discussions with people that seem to be sincerely wanting answers. Then we can help remove stumbling blocks to their faith, but need to do so in a presuppositional framework. That means we do not let them sit in judgement over God, nor do we leave the Word of God out of it (see "Question Evolution Day and Presuppositional Apologetics"). There are some things to keep in mind when doing this.
Interact with people long enough online when discussing God, and the inevitable demand for “evidence for your sky daddy” (or other pejorative) will arise. So, let’s talk evidence.

. . . another prerequisite, how do we define God. God as revealed through his creation, through his Word, and through Jesus as The All powerful, All Knowing, and All Loving Eternal Creator.

We need to talk about three more things before we talk about evidence:
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