Those Ever-Changing Evolutionary Whims

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

A few weeks back, I escorted my prospector friend Stormie Waters into town for supplies. I forgot it was payday at the Darwin Ranch. All the hitching posts were taken outside the saloon, so they hired themselves an effete horse-holder for the evening.

Some tinhorns take exception to the observation that secular science keeps changing. It happens frequently and is easily documented, but the narrative is more important than facts to them.
Original Image: Man Interrupted at His Writing / Gerrit Dou, 1635
This snide tinhorn (Darwin's equivalent of Comical Ali) had taken exception to my oft-used remarks about "the ever-changing whims of secular science interpretations", and he told me so. He claimed that I was misrepresenting "reality" and science is secular, not "religious" or "creationist", and it got Americans to the moon fifty years ago. Someone is exhibiting his lack of logic.*

The attempt to exclude Christians from science is a bigoted lie (I am blunt because he stalks creationist sites and knows our material). The foundations of modern science were established mostly by Bible-believing Christians, and many of them were creationists. It is not "their" science against "our" science. Indeed, logic and science are impossible without God, but people like this have a fundamentally flawed epistemology. They pretend they can find smoking guns to shoot down creation science, but that does not happen.

Second, unbelievers have a nasty habit of using arbitrary assertions. In this case, defining "reality" to mean "atheistic interpretations of evidence to support deep time, evolution, or both". Then they set up straw man arguments and ad hominem attacks based on their self-serving definitions. (Also, scientific facts are often redefined or ignored completely to support gender confusion.) Don't forget the circular arguments (assuming something to prove it). It's who they are and what they do.

Third, he is conflating operational science with historical science. It was operational science (which is observable, testable, repeatable, falsifiable, and so forth) that made the Apollo missions and other space exploration projects possible. Atoms-to-astronaut evolution (including cosmology and uniformitarianism) is constantly changing. A big reason for this because of the naturalistic presuppositions of evolutionists: evidence is ignored or tweaked to fit their incoherent worldview. The portions of the narrative are in a constant state of flux because they have to be rewritten. Here are some of my posts. If you follow the links, they will take you to other sites with additional content:
There are more where these came from, especially if you go to the sites linked and search them. I did not include other problems where evolutionists say "this changes everything" or similar words. You can do that your ownselves.

Darwin's Flying Monkeys™ insist that evolution is a fact and there are "mountains of evidence" supporting it. Those alleged facts keep getting rewritten, and we frequently read expressions about how a discovery "changes everything". But the narrative continues unabated. Secular scientists often ignore contrary evidence and make adjustments so they can pretend that they have demonstrated deep time and evolution. I'll allow that biblical creationists have to make modifications, but our foundation is the written Word of God, not the whims of fallible humans.

*In a similar manner, an unfriendly atheist wrote that Gallup reports that a certain number of Americans accept creation, but another number accept "reality". Arbitrary assertions used to compose a straw man argument. In addition, he is lying by indicating that Gallup used the false dichotomy. The aforementioned anti-creationist supports this and other atheists.