Further Dark Matter Weaseling

When materialism and evolutionary thinking bushwhack science, observed facts are lassoed, tied, and branded for the secularism brand. That is, the narrative drives the evidence instead of the other way around. We see this in stories about human evolution, our wonderful brains, and other areas. Of course, the deep time story must control cosmology. Dark matter is a rescuing device.

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The Big Bang is the current secular myth of origins and it is infested with rescuing devices. We recently saw how inflation and the multiverse are efforts to save the Big Bang, and another is dark matter. (Dark energy is occasionally invoked as well.) This stuff has never been observed, only inferred, and that because Big Bang speculations need it to keep their conjecture together and the money coming in.

Watch for the weasel words from secularists.

The linked article shows some of the more recent buckets of desperate flapdoodle that pass as "science". When you go there, note the frequent use of weasel words.
  • Dark matter and the strange dimming of supernovas
  • The cosmic speed discrepancy is bringing the existence of dark matter into question
  • Early dark energy and an appeal to string theory
  • Scientists cannot find dark matter, but they know it exists
  • Bullets of dark matter are zipping through us right this minute
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