Inflation and the Multiverse Failure

Believers in evolution, whether cosmic or biological, essentially depend on luck. The owlhoots at the Darwin Ranch do not like to play the hand they are dealt, so they reshuffle and cheat until they think they are winning. Attempts to rescue speculations on the origin of the universe may look good on paper, but they still fail.

One way evolutionists try to escape the Creator is to believe in the multiverse, which relies on bad logic and luck. It still fails.
Made at Atom Smasher
We had the Big Bang, but that bronco bucked them off for lack of evidence. Now we have the inflationary universe, and then the multiverse concept. That is, there are many other universes (some folks think the universe is still inflating way out yonder), so despite the odds, here we are through a series of lucky accidents against all odds.

That is called "science" in their eyes, old son, but it is blind faith and circular reasoning. Quite a bit of work to disavow the Creator, don't you think?
Creation scientists have long pointed out the enormous difficulties with ‘goo-to-you’ evolution, and even evolutionists have acknowledged these problems. Furthermore, the fundamental constants of the universe are finely tuned to permit life. Yet many evolutionists claim, despite these difficulties, that a multiverse can explain our existence without the need for a Creator.
These evolutionists claim that our universe is not the only universe. They argue that it is just one of infinitely many universes, each having possibly different physical constants (and perhaps even different laws of physics).
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