Now Extinction is Evolution?

The Darwin death cult has many strange ideas. Now they are saying that death leads to evolution.
The Darwinian death cult keeps on getting stranger, quite possibly because their efforts to deny the Creator are downright irrational. We are bombarded with the canard, "It evolved" without models or evidence when reading articles, watching documentaries, and so forth.

Not only is evolution assumed in order to provide evidence for it (the fallacy of begging the question), but Darwin's dark dream is often presented as an irrevocable force: things must evolve. Except when they don't. These are the same tinhorns who brought you you, as "science", that parasite manipulation just may have influenced human intelligence. Yes, really.

There are many living fossils (an organism was fossilized many evolutionary years ago and its living counterpart is essentially unchanged), so the lack of evolution is evosplained with the unscientific excuse of "stasis": it didn't feel the need to evolve. Some addlepated evolutionists actually use lack of change as evidence for evolution. Wait, what? I think these are the same tinhorns who also claim that loss of traits also supports the Bearded Buddha. Isn't evolution supposed to provide new and improved traits? Must be another evolutionary miracle happening.

We know that death leads to change. Animals are food for other animals (or us), and we stand before our Maker in the greatest change we experience. Yet Darwin's disciples are claiming that death leads to life through evolution! (I still say those folks have been ingesting peyote buttons.) Their speculations conveniently ignore important information and do not provide plausible mechanisms for this alleged evolution. They also raise a prairie schooner-full of questions.
How can scientists and reporters write articles on “evolution” when evidence shows organisms died or didn’t change?

What’s going on here? Frequently, evolutionists classify papers and articles as being about “evolution” when the evidence is opposite of evolution. Darwin needs life to evolve from bacteria to human beings. He doesn’t need them to stay the same or die out. What’s evolution got to do with it?
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