Out of Africa? Not Exactly!

The myth of humans evolving in Africa is taking another hit. DNA evidence shows that humans went INTO Africa.

According to evolutionary mythology, humans evolved in Africa. Neanderthals were not partially-evolved brutes, but fully human. "Archaic humans" also had a way of getting around, and there is evidence that they were going into Africa — which is a mite disconcerting for evolutionary paleontologists, but not a problem for biblical creationists.

The true, detailed history of human migration is found in Genesis, not evolutionary speculations.
If they didn’t expect recent genetic mixing from Europe into Africa, how certain are they about older human migrations?

One thing is clear about early humans: they were a mobile group, often interbreeding with other groups. Ann Gibbons’ latest article in Science talks about a new genome from a human skeleton found in an Ethiopian cave. Dated by radiocarbon to be 4,500 years old, the genome shows unexpected mixing of African stock with Europeans. Gibbons writes about the surprising findings:
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