Denying Bad Science for Good Reasons

Those of us who have the impudence to point out flaws in Darwinism, ask questions about COVID-19 lockdowns, want evidence contrary to global warming/climate change examined — we are chained with the epithet "science deniers". That is false. We appreciate and use science, but have this nasty habit of thinking for ourselves and denying dubious and even bad science.

So-called science deniers reject faulty and even bad science. Even more so when it denies our Creator and is used for evil purposes by the self-appointed scientific elite.
Josef Mengele, the Nazi Angel of Death, is in the center
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Darwin's Flying Monkeys™ occasionally trot out the so-called persecution of Galileo Galilei by the Roman Catholic Church in their false claim about the war between science and religion. The Galileo affair was not as simple as atheists like to pretend, and many people are surprised to discover that it was a struggle of science vs science. True science has not suffered persecution from putative Christian organizations.

There is the false science of directed panspermia (life came from outer space), a risible rescuing device for evolutionists because abiogenesis (life from non-life) is impossible. The scientific elites have been involved in some of the worst atrocities in history, and Nazi doctors like Josef Mengele performed experiments on their victims. Yeah, buttercup, we'll deny that science. Love your secular "standards" for ethics, by the way. A common thread in all these things is the rejection of our Creator and adoration of atheistic naturalism.
A review of a new book on Galileo, one of my interests, caught my attention in the new issue of Nature. Mario Livio’s book, Galileo and the Science Deniers, in short, claims that the Churches and religious persons are today persecuting scientists, then compares this persecution to the Catholic Church persecuting Galileo. His ironic claim is that those who have strong valid scientific reasons to reject Darwinism (whom Livio calls derogatory names such as Science Deniers) are persecuting scientists today – just like the Catholic Church persecuted Galileo.

The Nature book review grossly distorts the Galileo story. Compare it with the account by a leading science historian, Ronald Numbers, who correctly concluded that the Galileo affair may not only be the most quoted example of alleged “persecution” of science by religion, but one of the most misunderstood events in history. Another academic agreeing with Numbers is History of Science Professor Timothy Moy, an agnostic. Writing in an anti-creationist journal The Skeptical Inquirer, 2001, Moy commented,
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