Distinctive Fossils Oppose Evolution

We recently saw how an odd critter known as the Tully monster has caused problems for evolutionists. While information can be obtained from fossils, it is limited. It becomes even more difficult for paleontologists when they have nothing to draw from for comparisons.

An increasing number of fossils have recently caused consternation in evolutionary circles. A link to brief examinations of three of them are provided.
A newly-discovered fossil of the spinosaurus (spine lizard) caused consternation because all of the assumptions were wrong. This is because it appears that the tail could have been used for swimming, and not many dinosaurs are known for being champion swimmers. Of course, a great deal of speculation exists in secular imaginations. Another crazy beast to consider was discovered in Madagascar in 1999 but not discussed so much until recently. Evolutionary history? This unique mammal not only interferes with evolutionary timelines (we've seen that happening quite a bit recently), but it has no so-called evolutionary history.

The three critters discussed in the link below (as well as the one up topside) are further indications of recent creation. Mayhaps the secularists should consider the evidence and declare their independence from the chains of Darwinism. That would not only be good for them, but for science as well.
When fossils are found of one-off creatures without apparent relatives, how could Darwinism explain that?

God must have a sense of humor. Sometimes it seems He likes to confuse the experts who want to explain everything without Him. Here are three fossil discoveries of strange beasts that just don’t fit a nice, smooth, gradual sequence of evolution.
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