Nodosaur Fossil Further Testifies of Genesis Flood

Back in 2017, we examined news of a nodosaur (related to the ankylosaur) in "Nodosaur News is Good News". Biblical creationists were pleased with the findings, and further information provides additional support for the Genesis Flood. Darwin's fan club made some ridiculous statements.

Evolutionists still say that critters sank to the bottom of the ocean and were gradually buried. This nodosaur contradicts the secular slow-and-gradual mendacity.
Suncor nodosaur fossil photo credit: Wikimedia Commons / Machairo / CC BY-SA 4.0
Secularists used their Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Rings™ to decide on the mendacity that something dies, sinks to the bottom of the water, gets gradually buried, then turns into a fossil — unbelievable. Anyone with a knowledge of animal death knows that there are scavengers, bacterial activity, and so on that will not leave something alone so it could fossilize.

In this case, the nodosaur had all the signs of being buried rapidly. In fact, scientists were able to determine what it had eaten. Also, what was a land critter doing way out yonder in the sea and getting its ownself buried with things normally found in water? That's the Flood, old son. Slow and gradual processes over long periods of time do not answer the obvious questions.
In 2017, a large dinosaur was discovered washed out to sea, similar to the dinosaur bone found 70 miles off Norway’s coast. Only this one was partially intact, nearly perfectly preserved, and still contained its last meal fossilized inside its gut. Recently, a group led by paleontologists from the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology examined the stomach contents of the dinosaur and reported their findings in Royal Society Open Science.

Gizmodo reported on the dinosaur when it was first discovered.
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