Humans, Marsupials, and Fingerprints

People who watch or read about crime know the importance of fingerprints, and that no two can be alike. The study of fingerprints is dactyloscopy. You may notice a similarity between that word and Pterodactylus, which is derived from the Greek for "winged finger". It may be a surprise to learn that some marsupials have fingerprints.

We know that fingerprints are unique identifiers, but the ridges and such help us pick up things. Other creatures have this, including some marsupials like the sugar glider.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Joseph C Boone (CC BY-SA 4.0)
There are marsuipials that have similar characteristics to us, but not all. Those that need the raised ridges have them. (Go ahead, look at your fingers and see how some parts are raised in patters.) These help them to get a grip. Our Creator provided for not only us, but for critters in their unique habitats.
With only three types of fingerprint patterns, what makes every individual unique? These patterns are distinguished by tiny details called minutiae. Just one fingerprint has over 150 minutiae characteristics. . . unlike anyone else in the world who lived in the past, is alive in the present, or will be born in the future.

. . .

Humans are not the only living thing that God created with unique fingerprints and friction ridge skin. He also gave certain animal kinds—primates, some marsupials, and certain weasels—friction ridge skin to help them thrive in their environments. This helpful trait points to our intelligent Creator God who made everything for a purpose (Proverbs 16:4). Think about it: Would marsupials such as sugar gliders or koalas benefit from the nonslip surface provided by friction ridge skin? Do they climb and grasp food? Yes, and God not only equipped them with this feature but also gave them unique identity in their print patterns.
You can grab onto the entire article or download the audio version by my favorite reader at "Marsupial Fingerprints: These Hands Were Made for Gripping". Also, there is a fascinating video by the author at "The Forensic Science Behind God’s Fingerprint Design".