Fish Engineering Stymies Evolutionists

Despite their pyretic adoration of goo-to-guppy evolution, materialists are frequently stymied by examples of the Master Engineer's handiwork. Their louche "it evolved" excuses are based in faith, not empirical science. We will look at evolution-defying metabolism, body design, and dodging predators. Don't carp, the linked articles are short.

Three short articles are linked that showcase the work of the Master Engineer and leave evolutionists at a loss to give plausible explanations about fish. This one is a guppy.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / 5snake5 (CC0 1.0)
Evolutionists presuppose that life began in the oceans, and that our distant ancestors were fish. Therefore, onward and upward evolution would show more advanced traits in land dwellers than in fish. As we've seen many times, you can't find something if you don't look for it — or if you're not thorough. A complex metabolic process was discovered in fish that "should not" be there.
A complex metabolic process called Chaperone-Mediated-Autophagy (CMA) was thought to be a recent evolutionary development in land vertebrates as it was only previously documented in mammals and birds. Now it has been found to be fully operational in fish—once again demonstrating that a lack of human knowledge is not evidence for evolution.

Autophagy is an amazingly complex and ingenious process in which cells are able to degrade and recycle their own damaged or dysfunctional components. It not only allows for the efficient recycling of important molecules and biochemical structures, but produces a stable equilibrium between interdependent cellular elements and physiological processes. In other words, it’s essential to life.
To finish reading, click on "Complex Metabolic Process in Fish Startles Evolutionists". We have more related material below.

Another area where design is evident is the bodies of fish. Aside from their abilities rise and fall (buoyancy from the swim bladder), fish are able to swim quickly and efficiently. In fact, they are being studied for designs for humans (biomimetics). Unfortunately, secularists want to steal the designs while refusing to give credit to the Creator.
Engineering-minded scientists have taken notice that many types of fish have bodies shaped like a low-drag airfoil that are characteristic of airplane wings. Now, a new research study has proven that the engineered mechanics of this design in fish provide optimized movement and thrust for swimming.

Human-designed airplane wings have a rounded leading edge combined with a smoothly tapered trailing section that is uniquely shaped to reduce drag while moving through the air at high speed. . . . researchers wanted to know more about how fish body design enabled them to use their unique shape to efficiently produce high levels of thrust during high-speed propulsion.
The full article can be read at "Fish Body Design Reveals Optimized Swimming Mechanics". Our final installment below is both amazing and fun. At least, I fin so.

Have you had the satisfaction of duping someone, say a playground bully, into falling for a subterfuge so you could escape? When cichlids see guppies, they think it's chow time. However, guppies were given a special ability to get their predators to attack in a certain way by signaling them, then the guppies can dodge and escape!
Recent research published in the journal Current Biology1 reports how gutsy guppies confront a regular predator, the voracious pike cichlids, like a matador. They attract the attacker to a location that can be dodged from. Then, at the last instant, the guppy pivots to safety.
Trinidadian guppies behave like matadors, focusing a predator's point of attack before dodging away at the last moment, new research shows.
The toreador trick depends upon the guppy flashing its eyes at the attacker. Specifically, the threatened guppy attracts conspicuous attention by turning its irises black, so the predator aims at the guppy’s head. After the predator lunges at a committed angle of attack, the guppy dodges.
You can read the entire thing by clicking on "Guppies Dodge Predators Like Spanish Bull-Fighters". You'll thank me later.