More Follies with Darwinian Racism

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Although some acolytes for Charles Darwin try to deny it, his racism has been abundantly documented (here is a sampling), so we have no need to spend much time on that. To go further, we will examine how presuppositions based on "race" and "primitive people" influenced the treatment of ethnic groups.

Darwinists are constantly surprised at how intelligent and advanced people they consider intelligent were. This is based on personal preferences and presuppositions.
Modern Comanche by Frederic Remington, 1890
Once again, however, it needs to be stated that racism (despite the fact that genetically and biblically we are all one race) is ancient, and was exacerbated by Darwinian views and "scientific racism"[1]. One problem with deeming people to be primitive is the evolutionary concept that our ancestors swung down from the trees and commenced to developing consciousness, hunting, language, and civilizations.

Evolutionists have been repeatedly surprised that their presuppositions have been demonstrated to be fatally flawed. Roads discovered beneath ancient Roman roads in Britain[2], early humans were sailing to Greek islands[3], an ancient Israeli city was quite advanced[4] — and the sophistication of Neanderthals really puts burrs under the saddles of evolutionists[5]. For that matter, there are modern humans with facial features that "belong" to our alleged evolutionary ancestors[6]. Of course, biblical creationists are not constantly challenged to rewrite history and evolution textbooks because our beliefs do not correspond with the facts. We presuppose the truth of the Bible and are consistently shown to have the facts on our side.

In more recent times, Native Americans were called primitive, but they were judged by people who were from a different culture, mostly white Europeans. My culture is better and more civilized than your culture because it's mine and I like it. While Native Americans did not seem to have written languages and some tribes were constantly moving around[7], they were living their lives — probably without thinking, "I sure hope we become civilized someday". Primitive is often equated with stupid, and those people were intelligent. They just did not do things the way people from Western cultures thought they should live.

When Charles Darwin was taking his trip on the Beagle, there was a run-in with the Fuegians. These people were considered primitive, but some were captured and taken to Britain (one died there early on), Christianized (or at least, they played along), educated, and shown to the king and queen of Britain. After the Fuegians were back home, they quickly reverted to their original ways. It's not so much savage hearts or a primitive nature, they simply had no need of Western trappings[8].

Our Creator made only one race, but there are many ethnicities. Those who call others primitive should keep that in mind. In addition, they should realze that such a view is based on personal personal preferences and presuppositions — and many of those are based on Darwin's failed worldview.