Secularist Crystal Gazing and Earth's Magnetic Field

Secular geologists have struggled to explain the origin of Earth's magnetic field, and recent research has made things worse. Yes, we know that it has had reversals and they have happened more rapidly than previously thought. Their latest efforts to explain the origin of the field amount to zircon crystal gazing.

Secular scientists cannot determine the age of the earth's magnetic field. Their attempts resembling zircon crystal gazing have not gone well.
Original image before modification courtesy of Why?Outreach
Here's how it allegedly happened. Like teenage girls having a sleepover party that start messing with a spirit board, the hands at the Darwin Ranch (up yonder by Deception Pass) were having themselves a hootenanny. Even Rusty Swingset, the foreman, joined in. He had a bit too much firewater, and draped the curtains over his back so he could play super hero before dancing with his lady friend Jacqueline Hyde (she still wasn't herself that day). Then they decided to perform some divination on the age of the earth with zircon crystals. It did not go well.

Results were contradictory, and even fouled up the timeline again: the age did not go back far enough. Somewhere, somehow, mayhaps over the rainbow, the answer for what drove the magnetic field for a heap of time may be found. Biblical creationists know that their dating methods are fundamentally flawed, and that the Genesis Flood greatly affected Earth's magnetic field.
When did the Earth get its magnetic field? It’s important because life depends on it. Watch MIT fumble and stumble over the question.

Consumers of science news often get triumphant-sounding assertions about things, leading the reader to assume that the experts know what they are talking about. A typical statement might say, ‘The Earth’s magnetic field originated 3.5 billion years ago from a dynamo caused by stirring of molten iron in the Earth’s core, and reverses its polarity in 100,000 year cycles.’ Here’s a sample from Live Science last September, where reporter Stephanie Pappas adds some sugar and spice to fresh expert cud:
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