Brave Evolutionists try to Stomp on Bombardier Beetle

The bombardier beetle has been an icon for creation science for decades. Indeed, I used it myself in lectures back in the early 1990s. It has been an example of irreducible complexity even before the term existed. The hands at the Darwin Ranch tried to give this critter the hippo stomp.

The bombardier beetle has been an icon of creation science. Evolutionists tried to stomp on the concept but have no science, just propaganda efforts to confirm their biases.
Australian bombardier beetle, Wikimedia Commons / Peter Halasz (CC by-SA 3.0)
It was startling enough before, what with packing heat and flustering attackers with a hot spray — accurately — but not blowing itself up. As time went on, it was learned that its tiny Gatling gun was operating in short bursts. This is convenient so it doesn't blast itself into the next county. Also, Professor Andy McIntosh studied it intensively and developed practical applications.

This creature is a Maleus Malificarum to materialists, so they wanted to stomp on the concept that it is clear evidence of the Master Engineer at work. Occasional things were posted at various evolutionary and Darwinist propaganda clearing houses, but they didn't amount to much. There was a more serious effort recently that may have looked good to those wanting their naturalistic biases confirmed, but closer examination reveals that it is little more than something dropped along the dusty trail.
Evolutionists bravely take on a creation icon: the bombardier beetle. Does their explanation work?

Evolutionists are very cocky people. They feel it unnecessary to pay any notice to creationists at all. But when they do, it is only to show Darwin’s superiority, with a brief put-down to anyone who questions the omnipotence of his Stuff Happens Law. Once in awhile, it seems, they want to reassure the peasants that King Charles is still on the throne, and can take all comers, even those religious-fundamentalist creationist wackos. A case in point appeared in a press release from the Stevens Institute of Technology on June 16:
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