Wolfe Disc Makes Secular Cosmologists Howl with Rage

"Houston, we have a problem."


"I say again, Houston, we have a problem."

"This is Tom the Trucker in doing the 'breaker 1-9' thing in Omaha, sorry. Can I help anyway?"

"That DLA0817g Wolfe Disc is fouling up our naturalistic cosmology!"

The Wolfe galaxy is frustrating secularists because it is doing things that should not happen according to their naturalistic assumptions. No problem for biblical creationists, however.
Credits: Original, DLA0817g Wolfe Disc Artist Impression NRAO / AUI / NSF, S. Dagnello
Then I used Big Huge Labs for the billboard effect
Tom proceeded to point out that the scientists, rooted in presupposing naturalism, called the discovery "a challenge" because it didn't fit the Big Bang paradigm. They also said it appears to be quite a bit like our own Milky Way galaxy, but they only have inferences about its appearance, and it took three years after its discovery to learn that Wolfe rotates. That's not supposed to happen. Also, Tom pointed out that the phrase, "Houston, we have a problem" had its source with the Apollo 13 mission, but that exact phrase was never uttered. Further, such a galaxy is not a problem for those of us who believe in recent creation, not cosmic evolution. Tom's conversation partner signed off at that point.
Big Bang astronomers assume that light from a galaxy billions of light-years away requires billions of years to reach us. While this may seem reasonable, creation scientists question this assumption. By Big Bang reckoning, this means that we are seeing these distant objects, not as they are now, but as they were billions of years ago. Therefore Big Bang astronomers expect these distant galaxies to be “immature,” not having time to “evolve.” However, they have repeatedly been surprised by distant galaxies that are more “mature” than expected by Big Bang reckoning. As reported by the ALMA press release,
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