Tully Monster Menaces Evolution

This creature really is called the Tully monster, and that is built into its Latin designation of Tullimonstrum gregarium. It looks like the hands at the Darwin Ranch were chawin' on peyote again and decided to design a submarine. Scientists have been baffled by the monster's mash-up appearance for decades.

A fossilized Tully monster that has baffled scientists for decades still defies classification. New developments made things worse for Darwin's disciples.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Петр Меньшиков (CC BY-SA 4.0)
We examined information on Tully a few years ago, but more information has come to light. Well, not that much light because scientists are arguing about the findings of their experiments. Evolutionary classification still eludes them. It doesn't help matters that there are living critters that also defy evolutionary classification, and look like they were made from spare parts. Our Creator has a sense of humor and has pranked evolutionists!

"Wasn't Tully the lady FBI agent on X-Files, Cowboy Bob?

You're thinking of Dana Scully. But this thing almost fits the format of that weird show, doesn't it? Do a search on it and you'll have evolutionary sites proclaiming, "Mystery solved", with words like maybe, perhaps, scientist think, and so on. Then you'll find contradictory information.

Of course, it seems to be protocol to ignore the monster in the room. In this case, why are they able to use organic compounds that are about 300 million Darwin years old? They cannot exist. That's because they insist on using fundamentally flawed dating methods. The world was created recently. Cognate on that a spell and the facts make a whole heap more sense.
The pre-Flood world was teeming with some pretty amazing animals. Then the Flood came, rapidly burying and entombing trillions of creatures in sediments that lithified into rocks such as shale, limestone, and sandstone.

. . . Tullimonstrum has a grasping mouth with tiny, sharp teeth on a long neck, a squid-like tail with ventral and dorsal fin lobes, and eyes at the end of long, narrow stalks, or “bar” organs. Looking like a visitor from an alien world, this was a creature with a strange body plan and bizarre appearance!
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