Caring for Ugly Critters

Someone pointed out that there are campaigns to save the more attractive and cute things, but those we consider unattractive tend to be neglected. While the following material is targeted toward creationists, there are principles that can be useful to unbelievers as well.

People are willing to save the cute things, but living things we consider ugly or nuisances have their place in the creative order.
Cute Frenchie being cute ("Frenchie" because of the beret-like black patch)
When I post material about unattractive critters, I often put remarks about putting aside personal distaste and appreciating how things were designed by the Master Engineer. Indeed, God created things for a purpose. (Creationists recognize that they were changed by the Fall of man.) So often, people make statements or have prejudices from personal preferences and lack of information. Get the bigger picture. 

My wife cares for me, keeps me fed and watered, even though I am in no wise a handsome gent. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

Suppose you were on a camping trip and wished that all mosquitoes would drop dead. Bada bing, wish granted! You just punished the mosquitoes that have no interest in piercing your hide. Worse than that, a chain reaction affecting ecosystems was put into play that could be catastrophic for other living things. Atheist communist dictator Mao put a bounty on sparrows and had many killed, but the results contributed to a great famine.

Christians are to follow what is commonly called the dominion mandate, Genesis 1:28. That means we have to care for and manage creation with wisdom, not brutality or in a cavalier manner. Even anti-creationists (if you can find any that are honest) and other environmentalists could agree with that.
Ugly, worthless, annoying—does our opinion of some creatures reflect the Creator’s care or do we need an attitude adjustment?
. . .
But what does God think of his creation? Genesis 1:31 says, “And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good” (emphasis added). You might say, “That was before the fall. Now it’s all twisted by the curse, and certain critters I’ve deemed more distorted are worthy of my complete loathing.”
Yes, the world is twisted, and the original created kinds have generated some species with loathsome features and behaviors. But remember, Noah built the ark after the fall. God told him to bring on board all kinds of terrestrial creatures “to keep their offspring alive on the face of all the earth” (Genesis 7:3). This means that the ancestors of the animals on our “hate list” were deliberately saved from annihilation by God’s command.
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