Liberal Scholars and Behemoth

It must be stated that evolutionists and biblical creationists present material based on their worldviews. Unfortunately, professing Christians who ride for the Darwin brand elevate evolution over scriptural authority to the point of twisting the Bible to fit their presuppositions. Case in point, the creature known as Behemoth.

Atheists are pleased when liberal scholars cast doubt on the authority and inerrancy of the Bible. We need to see what they do with Behemoth described in Job.
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Biblical creationists tend to believe that Behemoth described in the book of Job was probably a sauropod dinosaur that hadn't quite gotten the notion to go extinct yet, but evolutionists reject that out of hand. We also hold to the view that the Bible is inerrant in the original manuscripts, but liberals reject that. I reckon it makes it easier to perform eisegesis and tamper with meanings.

We know that word meanings change over time and usage. Argument is commonly used to describe an emotional exchange instead of a reasoned discussion and presentation of ideas. Leviathan is described in Job as well as Behem0th, but the name also repurposed in Isaiah 27:1 and Ezekiel 29:3. Context is vital. Atheists applaud when professing Christians cast doubt on the Bible that they claim to believe.

Also, these liberal tinhorns that reject the authority and inerrancy of Scripture try to pit the Bible against itself by changing meanings and taking passages out of context, often using invalid comparisons. They also appeal to other liberals and extra-biblical sources in their efforts to undermine the Word of God. Watch for weasel words of uncertainty while still attempting to cast doubt on the Bible. Also, keep an eye out when these owlhoots try to retroactively apply changed word meanings from centuries after the biblical text was written. Plus, heaping helpings of their own speculations. It's like reading evolutionists who put in "maybe", "perhaps", "we think", "could be", and other terms to prop up their views without actual evidence.
Unfortunately, if you consult the internet about pretty much anything in the Bible, and especially if you frequent skeptics’ forums, you’re likely to get bombarded with liberal critical views. While the article linked above does a great job making a case for a sauropod identification, it does not address a newer idea coming from liberal scholarship: that Behemoth was a mythical super-bull! I have been directed multiple times by various skeptics online to a particular YouTube video by Ben Stanhope, who has a bachelor’s degree from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and an M.A. in Manuscript Cultures from Hamburg University.1 In this video, Stanhope cites several scholarly sources in his attempt to make the case that the Behemoth refers to the mythical masculine “super-bull” that hearkens to Babylonian mythology and ancient Jewish apocryphal writings. This same conclusion is also reached by old earther and online Christian apologist Robert Rowe.
To read the entire informative (and rather startling) article, follow the link to "Responding to liberal scholarship on Behemoth".