Further Feathered Dinosaur Foolishness

We have seen time and again that apparatchiks for the Darwin Party promote evolution despite evidence, not because of it. It would take a wagon train full of changes to change dinosaurs into birds, and that is not found. Sometimes they refute themselves, as in this study regarding feathers.

In their desperation to spread the myth that dinosaurs evolved into birds, researchers found information  about feathers that refute their beliefs.
Credit: Pexels / Jan Kopřiva
There are major anatomical differences between birds and dinosaurs, including skeletal structures, breathing — and feathers. Indeed, feathers are actually quite complex and indicate the craftsmanship of the Master Engineer. He even planned for birds that fly to molt in a specific manner, but non-flying birds don't pay that no nevermind. A fossil called Microraptor was examined and put a burr under the saddles of researchers.

It has characteristics of a unique bird, but since the narrative has logic and science flying out the window, it is considered a feathered dinosaur. With none of the characteristics. Bad news for those who believe in dinosaur-to-bird evolution, what was found gives further indication that it was a bird. Evolving into something else? Nope. The Creator didn't put that in the plan.
Is a dinosaur still a dinosaur if it has flight feathers? A new study points to some fascinating evidence that contradicts the idea of feathered dinosaurs and confirms created kinds.
It’s no secret that birds fly in order to, among other reasons, get food and avoid becoming food. For that, they must have their feathers arranged in good order. But feathers wear out. If birds replaced their feathers haphazardly, for example, too many feathers shed from one wing and not the other, then they would lose control in flight—with lethal consequences. Therefore, many flying birds molt—replace their feathers—in a specific sequence. New research has identified evidence of this sequential molting in a so-called “feathered” dinosaur.
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