Ear Muscles and Vestigial Organs

This one should make you prick up your ears. Darwin's disciples have been spectacularly wrong about many things and humiliated when actual science trumps their speculations. Consider so-called vestigial organs/structures. Evolutionists do not understand them so they evosplain them away. Now they are tickling our ears.

Using bad science and arguing from naturalistic presuppositions, evolutionists say ear muscles are leftovers from evolution. Real science indicates otherwise.
Credit: Pixnio / Bicanski
As usual, naturalists presuppose evolution, then offer speculations about what happened millions of Darwin years ago to pass along as actual scientific research. "Since dogs, cats, and other critters use their ears to help them focus on certain sounds, humans must have had that ability. After all, since some people can wiggle their ears a little, that must have been in our evolutionary past, right?" Arguing from ignorance (not understanding something) and futile fake science are ridiculous. New research, albeit self-contradictory, helps show their folly — and that biblical creationists are right in believing that there are no "vestigial organs".
A new study found that “humans ‘prick up their ears,’ …  when they hear interesting sounds.” The researchers then added that this “wiggling” outer ear trait exists in humans due to “our animal inheritance.” But the converse is also claimed: most humans cannot wiggle their ears, the evolutionary argument goes, because the muscles that cause the movement are now “vestigial.” No matter which claim is made, whether humans can wiggle our ears, or cannot wiggle our ears, it must be due to evolution. Darwin can’t lose: both contrary contradictions are still being made within evolutionary circles.
By “ears,” the authors referenced in this paper are referring to the pinna, the outer rim of the ear. Vestigial, as one high school learning app defined, characterizes organs or tissues in the body which are no longer “functional the way they were in their ancestral form …  It is [an] authentication of evolution.”
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