Free Money and Evolutionary Authority?

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Howdy. Time for one of my more unusual articles. Although I dislike to spoil the surprise, the video that inspired this article is a joke. No, I am not denigrating the quality, but saying it really is a joke. The way my mind works, I saw what ThioJoe did and was inspired to connect it with appeals to the dubious authority of Darwinists.

An unusual article inspired by a joke video about free money, then illustrating dubious evolutionary authority.
Taken from public domain images here and here, then heavily modified
While Joe's YouTube channel has many helpful and interesting technology-related videos (such as this one), he also has a playful streak. Most of his pranks have notes in their descriptions (this one does not, apparently he expects viewers to have a few brain cells), others caused me to take notes. Mayhaps he'll do a video on blogging sites since I'm fed up with this one.

Since the spoiler is out, let's commence to discussing this here video.

The US Federal Reserve has a secret: you can get free money from them. Of course, it's in uncut sheets, so y'all have to cut them out your ownselves. Joe tells us this is legal, and the government wants us to get our free money to stimulate the economy. Since all the world banks work together, you don't have to be a United States citizen to get money for nothing and your kicks for free. Once people catch on this free money will probably stop.

Joe shows us the email address needed as well as a link, and provides us with a suggested letter as a template for making your request. Later, you are to receive an priority mail envelope with your free money and a letter from Donald "The Donald" Trump. You can even ask for more money! Was it a satire on government programs? I doubt it.

"Sure Cowboy Bob, ThioJoe sounds like a smart and a fun guy, but how does this have anything to do with your primary calling for this blog?"

Rein in your horsie, Horatio. I'll get to that directly.

The video appeals to people on several levels, one of which is greed. Wouldn't you take free money as long as it was entirely legal, or at least be curious about it? You betcha. Also, I think that pride is a factor because it involves secret knowledge that will make you special and above the herd. Joe also speaks with authority, even though he has none in this area. People respond to authority.

There are some true things here as well. The link to the US Mint is real, and they actually sell sheets of uncut money. I'm not going to play with the email address he uses, but is certainly looks real enough. And he most certainly does speak with confidence. Plus his credibility with other technology videos, yee ha boy howdy, you should trust him!

It's time to plug this into the evolution analogy socket and see if it lights up.


People tend to believe evolutionary scientists without using healthy skepticism and asking, "What is the basis for your claims?" We have seen a prairie schooner-full of incomplete research, circular reasoning, and other lousy logic presented as science. Evolutionary scientists are authorities in their areas of study, but that doesn't mean that they are right — especially when making assertions about historical science. Some of these researchers do indeed conduct actual science, then use unwarranted extrapolations.

But hey, these authorities seem credible, and we can be part of the elite by "knowing" things that set us apart and make us feel special about ourselves. Unfortunately, the secular science industry is using their influence to not only deny the truth of our Creator and prop up Darwinian myths, but support leftist causes while pretending those things are based in actual science. Add to this the slick presentations in videos and in museums, and the propaganda value is acceptable to our senses.

ThioJoe may not appreciate my using his material for this comparison (again, he does good work and the free money video is excellent), but in the bigger picture about origins and even other claims we encounter in our daily lives may bring this article to your minds later on. Biblical creationists try to tell people how to think, while secularists tell people what to think.