Hijacking Science, then Lying and Cheating for Darwin

According to the narrative of atheists and evolutionists, God has no place in science. They conveniently suppress the fact that the foundations of modern science have a Christian basis, and an atheistic environment is antagonistic to its development.

The pandemic of lying for Darwin has been growing for decades. Then, atheists and evolutionists presume to determine moral and ethical standards without God based on fatally flawed materialism.

Indeed, the fact that Charles Lyell wanted to set geology free from Moses gives lie to the claim that natural philosophy (the word that was used before science) was always materialistic. We have a trio of articles about how materialists have kidnapped science and tied it up in the root cellar at the Darwin Ranch, then drag it out when they can pretend it supports their worldview. Ironically, science is impossible without God!

Merchants of minerals-to-materialist evolution celebrate people who support and promote their agendas. John Tyndall was an activist that sought to remove science from its true origins, and other sidewinders in the X-Club helped him along the way. Later atheistic philosophers are cheering his efforts and adding their own blatant misrepresentations of Christianity.
British naturalist John Tyndall (1820-1893) actively sought to turn science away from God, and succeeded beyond his dreams.
If you are unfamiliar with John Tyndall, you should learn about him and his influence. This contemporary of Darwin got good press . . . on The Conversation by his biographer, Roland Jackson, who is helping digitize 7,000 personal letters for the Tyndall Correspondence Project. On the project’s “About” page, he is introduced as a co-conspirator of Darwin:
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It is one thing to disagree about interpretations of evidence, but quite another to have atheopaths say that we are "lying about evolution". To make such a claim, they need to have a consistent moral standard, but atheism is incoherent and lacks the necessary preconditions of human experience. Worse for them, they have a habit of using borrowed capital — that is, they stand on the biblical worldview!

Meanwhile, atheists and evolutionists are twisting concepts to fit their own worldview, saying wrong is right, and that it is morally acceptable to lie to children in order to hornswoggle them into accepting evolutionism. The secular science industry is unrestrained in evosplaining observed evidence by injecting evolution stories into papers to obtain the True Science® imprimatur. They actually deny real science in favor of their naturalistic narrative. COVID-19 is nothing compared to the Lying for Darwin Infection.
One symptom of the infection in humans is hot air that creates fogma in the halls of academia and press offices. The scientists are so used to it, they assume it is normal. Today’s scientists have all but forgotten the fresh air of truth and morality. Truth to them is whatever keeps the pandemic going. Morality to them is censoring any attempt to stop it.
The attractive thing about Darwin’s god is that there is no hell for liars. And what lie is more atrocious than the story that nothing times nobody equals everything? . . . Today, we see them building on that lie with additional lies about the origin of complex life. This one from Lancaster University is a whopper.
To read the full article and see some examples, click on "Lying for Darwin: A Global Pandemic". We have one more important item to discuss, so be sure to come back for the final part.

Naturalists use reductionism to decide morality, but it is based on their worldview that opposes the Creator; the only sin in secular minds has nothing to do with God. Indeed, these scientists are aloof from any kind of ethics other than what they have decided for themselves and their utilitarian beliefs. They need to repent. It is extremely unfortunate that atheists and others accept the pronouncements of their priestly scientists without critical thinking or reasonable skepticism.
If people are Pavlovian subjects, why are scientists exempt?
Evolutionists, including the theistic kind, are materialists in the sense that anything beyond matter doesn’t matter. If there is a God, he had no involvement whatsoever in the natural outworking of matter in motion. Thoughts of a Creator, or of intelligent design at all, play no role in scientific explanations; everything is reducible to physics. How thoughts about physics escape the reductionism of modern materialists is one of life’s mysteries. Somehow they just know that matter is all there is.
The materialist worldview has detrimental effects on society because it undermines any basis for morality. If neural circuits in a brain predominate to produce cheating behavior in a human, or a monkey, so be it. Whatever is, is right. Who can preach to him that he should stop cheating? “Thou shalt not!” is excluded in Darwin’s world. The behaviors of cheaters and cooperators reduce to exercises of power.
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