Model Fails to Explain Origin of Plate Tectonics

There are several things on which secular and creation scientists agree, and one of these is plate tectonics. The disagreements come about regarding how the whole shebang started, the rapidity of early tectonic activity, and the age of the earth.

Secular scientists have a new model regarding plate tectonics, but they admit that it cannot explain how it began. The Genesis Flood models of creation science provide superior explanations.
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"But Cowboy Bob, they have a new model!"

Indeed. And that's how what we've tried to teach about rational thinking, presuppositions, and worldviews comes into play. The computer model, like any other, can only operate on the data that it is given. GIGO. Secular scientists used presuppositions based on their deep-time worldviews, and came up with a "what if" or "maybe" model.

Even so, it actually explains nothing about how plate tectonics originated and other factors in the process. Biblical creation science models provide superior explanations. Yes, they admit to using their presuppositions regarding the truth of Scripture and the Genesis Flood.
A new study published in Nature Communications claims to have figured out how the tectonic plates may have originated. It’s been over 50 years since the theory of plate tectonics became an accepted idea in the scientific community. But, secular scientists are still struggling to explain both the origin of the continental crust and the tectonic plates.
Earth is unique in our solar system because it is the only planet with tectonic plates. As far as we know, it may be the only planet in the universe to possess these features. This creates another conundrum that secular scientists also cannot explain: why is Earth so unusual?
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